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YouTube Channel
To consolidate all videos made of Armani Lab members and Prof. Armani into a single place, we have created a YouTube Channel (Armani Research Lab).  To give additional organization, the channel has several different playlists (Research, Interviews, How-To videos).  Many of the links below redirect to the YouTube Channel.  However, as a disclaimer, it is quite possible that this channel is missing videos because we were unable to locate them all during our online searches.


Armani Lab Protocols
  • Optical Tapered Fibers: We routinely are asked about pulling single-mode tapers.  To try to clarify how to pull a single-mode taper, we have created a video which is located on youtube.  You can access it from this link.  If you have any questions about the vendors where specific items shown in the video were purchased, please do not hesitate to email.
  • Toroid and Sphere Fabrication: We have written a video article about the fabrication of microspheres and toroidal cavities and published it with JoVE.  This journal includes video content and detailed protocols.  The article is located here. If you do not have access, please email me.
  • SPIE Newroom Article/video on Blue Lasers and overview of WGM devices (http://spie.org/x115682.xml)
Advice on applying for (and succeeding in) PhD Programs, Post-doc Positions and Faculty Positions
Disclaimer: Everything on this page is my (Prof. Armani’s) opinion.  This information in no way guarantees admission to graduate school, success finding a faculty position, or success as a faculty member.  However, I am asked for advice often enough that I have compiled the documents below.  Even before my posting, some of these files have been circulated to others and re-posted on other websites.  Therefore, I felt that I should take official ownership and post them on my own website.  Additionally, not all of the advice below can be applied to other disciplines outside of engineering, such as Biology (or History).
I have tried to organize them into three categories: Undergraduate, Graduate, Faculty Search and Asst Professor.  However, there are overlaps between the categories.  Specifically, if you are a graduate student looking for a faculty position, all information relating to faculty searches is listed under faculty search.  Therefore, check the items in the other sections to make sure there isn’t anything helpful there as well.
Best of luck in whatever type of position you are pursuing, and feel free to contact me for additional advice at any point.
Over the past few years, I have given several seminars on the differences between MS and PhD programs as well as advice on getting into PhD programs and choosing research groups. One of the lectures was filmed and is available on our group's YouTube channel. It includes questions from the audience. In addition, the pdfs of slides from other lectures are below.
Faculty Search/Position
Asst. Professor-hood
Armani Lab “Operating” Manual (available via email).  This is a guidebook which is given to all students (undergrads and grads)/post-docs when they enter my lab.  It contains all relevant information pertaining to research, purchasing/reimbursement procedures, manuscript preparation and authorship, graduation requirements, vacation/sick days, etc.  Basically, everything a new student needs to know in one place, and it sets the policies in my lab, so everyone is treated the same.  It is updated as things (issues) arise.