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When possible, pdfs of journal articles are available on ResearchGate and on arXiv.  If you would like a pdf copy, please email.

A complete list of publications is below. To help with focused searches, we have also organized our publications according to our three primary areas of research: 1) Advanced Materials, 2) Integrated and Nonlinear Optics, and 3) Bio/Chem detection. Click on any tab to see the associated list. Given the overlap between some areas, some publications appear on more than once.

These papers cover the general fields of: novel materials (organic, inorganic), biomaterials, and novel devices that relied on new materials.

These papers cover the general fields of: novel optical devices, nonlinear optics using optical devices, and applications of waveguides and resonant cavities. For many of the sensors, experiments involving animal and human samples are located in the bio/chem detection tab.

These papers cover the general fields of: resonant cavity biodetection and instrumentation validation for diagnostics. The majority of the bio-papers use "real" (animal or human) samples and study a specific hypothesis related to a biological question. The chemical sensors are similar. They are validating instruments or methods initially published as either an advanced material or integrated optics topic. In some cases, the papers are included on both lists.

  1. A. M. Armani, D. Hunt, D. Hwang, M. McCarthy, A. Scholtz, “Low-tech solutions for the COVID-19 supply chain crisis“, Nature Reviews Materials, (2020).
  2. R. C. She, D. Chen, P. Pak D. K. Armani, A. Schubert, A. M. Armani, “Build-at-home UV-C disinfection system for healthcare settings“, (2020). (available on arxiv)
  3. A. Kovach, J. He, P. J. G. Saris, D. Chen, A. M. Armani, “Optically tunable microresonator using an azobenzene monolayer“, AIP Advances 10 (4), 045117, (2020).
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