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Bio/Chem Detection

Our research in biological and chemical detection leverages our work in materials and in integrated devices.  Frequently, advances in materials or in devices directly translate to novel strategies for bio/chem detection.  Additionally, we often collaborate with other research groups in this area, sharing our expertise.

Instrumentation development/construction

  • We are actively building several new biodetection and biocharacterization instruments for applications in low resource settings (e.g. malaria detection) and in performing biomechanics/mechanobiology measurements of whole tissue.


  • Using our recently developed optical fiber polarimetric elastography system (aka tissue squisher), we are investigating the mechanism behind force-induced damage in cartilage (vs. age-induced). We are also launching a new study into the biomechanics of cancer.


  • We are developing functional imaging agents that can (non-invasively) modulate the cell’s intrinsic bioelectric field. Using our newly developed agents, we will selectively modulate an individual cell and study its impact on the surrounding cell network.