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Prof Andrea Armani

  • Irani Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

  • Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Electrical Engineering-Electrophysics, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry

  • Director, Keck Photonics Cleanroom and O’Brien Nanofabrication Laboratory

  • PhD, Applied Physics, minor in Biology, California Institute of Technology.

  • BA, Physics, University of Chicago.

  • email: armani@

Brief Biosketch

Contact Info

Post-docs, PhD Students, and Visitors

Dongyu Chen

  • Electrical Engineering, PhD student
  • dongyuch@
  • BS: Physics, Peking University, China



Hyungwoo Choi

  • Chemical Engineering, PhD student
  • Provost’s Fellow
  • chyungwo@
  • BS:Chemical Engineering, Hanyang University, Korea
  • MS: Energy Engineering, Hanyang University, Korea


Jinghan He

  • Chemistry, PhD student
  • jinghanh@
  • BS: Polymer Science & Engineering, Sichuan University
  • ME: Chemistry & Biotech, University of Tokyo



Holly Huber

  • Mechanical Engineering, MS student
  • BS: Biomedical Engineering, USC




Brock Hudnut

  • Materials Engineering, MS student
  • BS: Industrial and Systems Engineering, USC




Dr. Feifei Lian
  • Visiting Researcher
  • Northrop Grumman, Aerospace Systems
  • PhD: Electrical Engineering, Stanford




Sang Bum Kim

  • Chemical Engineering, MS student
  • BS: Chemical Engineering, Univ of Mass, Amherst
  • BS: Chemistry, Univ of Mass, Amherst



Andre Kovach

  • Chemical Engineering, PhD student
  • Viterbi Graduate Fellow
  • akovach@
  • BS: Chemical Engineering, USC



Yasaman Moradi

  • Chemical Engineering, PhD student
  • Viterbi Graduate Fellow
  • yasamanm@usc
  • BS: Chemical Engineering, Sharif



Dr. Patrick Saris

  • Post-doctoral Fellow
  • psaris@usc
  • PhD: Chemistry, USC
  • BS: Chemistry, UCSD



Kylie Trettner

  • Chemical Engineering, PhD student
  • Viterbi Graduate Fellow
  • trettner@usc
  • BS: Chemical Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology



Rene Zeto

  • Materials Science, PhD student
  • Provost’s Fellow
  • zeto@
  • BS: Physics, Oregon State University



Yixuan Zhou

  • Electrical Engineering, MS Student
  • BS: Communication Engineering, Shanghai University





Undergraduate Students

Daniel Cummins

Biomedical Engineering (2019)

Arynn Gallegos

Electrical Engineering (2020)

Kristina Kaypaghian

Biomedical Engineering


Rhys Richmond

Biomedical Engineering


Goldie Roth

Chemical Engineering


Mike Shao

Chemical Engineering