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Integrated Photonics

Hybrid Devices

  • We have several projects investigating light-matter interactions between the whispering gallery mode and different material coatings.  For example, we are studying how nanomaterial coatings which exhibit non-linear optical properties can be used to manipulate the optical behavior of the device.  We are also investigating using active materials, such as nonlinear optical polymers and small molecules, as coatings.

Integrated Photonics

  • We have projects which are devoted to developing new integrated optical devices, such as low threshold on-chip lasers and photonic circuitry (low-loss waveguides, splitters). Additional projects are also geared to developing new optical instruments for diagnostics.

FEM/FDTD Modeling

  • In addition to developing new devices, we also perform 2D and 3D FEM and FDTD simulations to better understand our experimental results and direct our experiments.