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Advanced Materials

Organic Small molecules

  • We have numerous projects synthesizing new highly nonlinear small molecules for applications in imaging, in biological systems control, and in integrated photonics.

Polymeric Materials

  • We have several projects developing new polymeric materials with interesting behavior; for example, large non-linear optical coefficients or response to environmental stimuli.  The approaches focus on methods for synthesis which can directly attach (graft) the polymers to the surface of devices, thus enabling orientation of the polymers in a specific manner.


  • We are currently exploring ways to develop multi-modal hydrogels for simultaneous (triggerable) drug delivery and tracking using new small molecules synthesized in the group.

Silica Sol-gel Materials

  • We are currently studying ways to tailor the synthesis of sol-gel based optical glasses to control the optical properties to improve the final device characteristics.  This includes the addition of dopants to create lasers or high refractive index materials to manipulate light propagation.

Surface Chemistry

  • As complementary work to our nonlinear devices, we have several projects investigating routes to efficiently and controllably attach and orient our new small molecules to the surface of optical devices without degrading their optical performance. We are also exploring using surface chemistry as a new approach to integrate functionality into devices.