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EngX Volunteering

Do you want to get involved in EngX? There are many ways to help.

  1. The event is free to the public. As such, it relies on the hard work of approximately 100 volunteers who do everything from running the different activities to registering the attendees. We always need volunteers. To volunteer, just email Andrea Armani.
  2. Not an engineer? Not a problem. We need help with registration, giving directions to different locations on campus, and many more things. We never have too many volunteers.
  3. Can’t come to the event, but still want to help? This year, we developed five new activities. We would like to develop five more for next year. If you would like to help or have ideas, please let us know!

Other ways to help: The grant that we received that makes this whole event possible ends with EngX 2019. Therefore, by 2020, we need to be self-sufficient. The standard approach is to charge admission, but the point of this event is to be inclusive. We have started raising funds to support future events, and every dollar helps.