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The over-arching mission of the research group is to develop novel nonlinear materials and integrated optical devices that can be used in portable disease diagnostics and telecommunications.  Our research efforts include a wide range of topics including materials synthesis, integrated optics and instrumentation development, cell/bacteria growth, characterization of tissue, and computational modeling. Given the diversity of measurements, we perform experiments on both the main campus as well as the medical school and have numerous collaborations.
To enable this research breadth, our group includes researchers with diverse academic and research backgrounds, and we have numerous ongoing collaborations, both at USC and at other institutions around the world.  Financial support comes from several different agencies, industries, and foundations.
Within the Viterbi School of Engineering, we are affiliated with the Mork Family Dept of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, the Ming Hsieh Dept of Electrical Engineering-Electrophysics, and the Dept of Biomedical Engineering.  Within the Dornsife College, we are affiliated with the Chemistry Dept.
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Upcoming Presentations 

Society Conferences

SPIE Photonics West, January 2018

Alexa is speaking about our work using optical fiber to study the biomechanical behavior of tissue, and Dongyu is presenting our new results on ultra high-Q oxyntride resonators. Andrea is giving an invited talk on hybrid integrated photonics at LASE and an invited talk on integrated Raman lasers at OPTO.


APS March Meeting, March 2018

Andrea is giving an invited talk on our research on hybrid integrated photonics.


OSA IPR, July 2018

Andrea is giving a pair of invited talks on our research into developing novel integrated photonic devices and new strategies for low threshold frequency combs.


Dept Seminars

Nov. 17: University of Trento, Italy
Feb. 26: Institute of Optics, University of Rochester, NY
Mar. 16: Bilkent University, Turkey
Apr. 4: SUSTC, China
Apr. 10: University of Wisconsin-Madison


Past presentations


Note: Only technical presentations are included in this list.  Outreach-type presentations and panels are not shown.  However, the PI and group members routinely participate in these types of events.



recent publications

R. Castro-Beltran*, V. Diep*, S. Soltani, E. Gungor, A. M. Armani,"Plasmonically enhanced Kerr frequency combs", ACS Photonics (2017). in press
A. W. Hudnut, B. Babaei, S. Liu, B. K. Larson, S. M. Mumenthaler, A. M. Armani, "Characterization of the mechanical properties of resected porcine organ tissue using optical fiber photoelastic polarimetry", Biomedical Optics Express 8 (10), 4663-4670 (2017).
J. De Anda, E. Y. Lee, C. K. Lee, R. R. Bennett, X. Ji, S. Soltani, M. C. Harrison, A. E. Baker, Y. Luo, T. Chou, G. A. O'Toole, A. M. Armani, R. Golestanian, G. C. L. Wong, "High-Speed "4D" computational microscopy of bacterial surface motility", ACS Nano 11 (9), 9340-9351 (2017). 
D. Chen, A. Kovach, X. Shen, S. Poust, A. M. Armani, "On-chip ultra-high Q silicon oxynitride optical resonators", ACS Photonics 4 (9),2376-2381 (2017). 
A. W. Hudnut, A. M. Armani, "High-resolution analysis of the mechanical behavior of tissue", Applied Physics Letters 110 (24), 243701 (2017).
V. M. Diep, A. M. Armani, "Flexible light-emitting nanocomposite based on ZnO nanotetrapods", Nano Letters 16 (12), 7389-7393 (2016).
H. Choi, A .M. Armani, "High efficiency Raman lasers based on Zr-doped silica hybrid microcavities", ACS Photonics 3 (12), 2383-2388 (2016).
M. Lee, A. M. Armani, "Flexible UV exposure sensor based on UV responsive polymer", ACS Sensors 1 (10), 1251-1255 (2016).

More publications


In addition to our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, we also have a YouTube channel (Armani Research Lab).  This channel has several different playlists separating group member interviews, research and how-to videos.  We hope that it provides insight into the group as well as a useful resource for other researchers working in the field. 
Interested in joining the Armani group?  Visit our Lab Openings page for more information.