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Our Facebook Page includes group and individual achievements (publication announcements, presentations and awards) as well as group events and outings.


Upcoming Presentations

SPIE Photonics West, February 2015

Andrea is giving an invited presentation on the group's recent results on optical materials and devices.


AIChE Annual Meeting (Atlanta), November 2014

Tara and Maria are giving presentations on their research on optical materials and integrated sensors.


IEEE Nano (Toronto), August 2014

Ce is giving a presentation on her plasmonic laser research.


Past presentations


recent publications

S. Mehrabani, A. J. Maker, A. M. Armani, "Hybrid integrated label-free chemical and biological sensors", Sensors 14 (4), 5890-5928 (2014).
N. Deka, A. J. Maker, A. M. Armani, "Titanium enhanced Raman microcavity laser", Optics Letters 39 (6),  1354-1357 (2014).
C. Shi, S. Soltani, A. M. Armani, "Gold nanorod plasmonic upconversion microlaser", Nano Letters 13 (12), 5827-5831 (2013).
More publications


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