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Lab Traditions

  • Volunteering at JSHS Symposium, 2017

  • Lab Olympics, 2016

  • Volunteering as judges for middle and high school student science fairs.

  • NorCal Lab Reunion, 2017


In the Armani lab, we have several lab traditions and general philosophies.  Some are more well-established (lab parties, publication celebrations, and outreach activities) than others (group olympics).  We’ve tried to explain some of these events below, pulling the curtain back on the lab (slightly).  To keep lab alums in contact and up to date, pictures of most events are posted on our facebook, instagram, and twitter pages, though not every event is announced/posted.

Outreach Activities: Individual group  members in the lab as well as the lab (en masse) volunteer in numerous activities in the scientific and broader community.  For example, judging science fairs, giving lab tours, and speaking at middle/high/local colleges are strongly encouraged.

Lab Parties:  One of the great things about LA is the fabulous weather.  We typically have several (winter, fall and spring) outdoor parties a year at either Prof. Armani’s house (with the help of a fire pit in the winter) or in MCB. We also hold a graduation lunch on the day before graduation with all graduating students, their friends and family, and all current group members.

Publication celebrations/lunches: As a way to reward students for successfully completing and publishing their research, Prof. Armani holds a free group lunch. The food changes frequently, but it is at the discretion of the first author of the paper.

Group Olympics: Started in 2012, we have had 3 group olympics thus far.  During this event/all-day party, the lab is divided into teams of 4-6 group members and/or significant others.  Events included things like hula-hoop, limbo, and balloon toss.

NorCal Lab Reunion: Not surprisingly, a large percentage of lab alums live in or near San Francisco (Silicon Valley), and a standard conference that the group attends every January/February is SPIE Photonics West (also in San Fran).  Therefore, every Feb is the Northern California (NorCal) Armani Lab reunion.  This event brings together current and past group members.