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Armani Lab Facilities

The Armani labs include both optical device test and measurement facilities as well as optical material synthesis and characterization labs.  Additionally, we maintain optical and electron imaging capabilities.

Device Test and Measurement

  • Waveguide testing set-up
  • Three resonant cavity testing set-ups
  • Tapered waveguide fabrication set-up
  • Assorted tunable lasers from visible through near-IR
  • Assorted fixed wavelength diode lasers from visible through near-IR
  • Andor spectrograph
  • Agilent OSAs and ESA
  • EDFA and associated filtering system
  • SRS lock-in amplifier
  • optical trap
  • CO2 laser reflow system
  • Microfluidics control stations
  • COMSOL FEM and Lumerical FDTD Workstations

Materials Synthesis, Growth and Characterization

  • High-V poling station
  • Nanovue and Beckman UV-Vis spectrophotometers
  • Horiba Floromax4 fluorometer with integrating sphere
  • Gaertner Waferskan Multi-wavelength variable angle ellipsometer
  • Oxygen plasma system
  • Waters GPC
  • General bioconjugation equipment (tilt tray, hot plates, refrigerated centrifuge, etc)
  • General polymer synthesis equipment (Ar glovebox, Schlenk lines, rotovaps, etc)
  • Vapor deposition and growth equipment
  • Various tube furnaces/ovens
  • Various fridges/freezers (-22 and -86)

Cell Culture Facility

  • Thermo Fisher incubators
  • Biosafety cabinets
  • water baths (large and small)
  • centrifuges and shakers (floor, benchtop, and mini-)
  • autoclave
  • icemaker
  • glassware washer
  • plate reader
  • inverted widefield microscope
  • stereoscope
  • Various fridges/freezers (-22 and -86)
  • longterm cell storage (liquid nitrogen tanks)
  • hemocytometer
  • cell counter
  • UV-Vis


  • Nikon upright widefield microscope with polarization
  • Nikon upright fluorescence microscope
  • Zeiss upright materials analysis microscope with polarization and T stage
  • Zeiss LSM 880 inverted confocal microscope for live cell analysis
  • Hitachi desktop SEM
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